Study Melbourne Career Catalyst

About the program

Career Catalyst Background

Study Melbourne Career Catalyst is a new integrated, strengths-based employability program to support international students’ employment transition, career development and connections to industry.

The program will also strengthen the cultural capacity, social inclusion and empowerment of international students by raising awareness of international students as a highly skilled and globally connected talent pool. It will take a holistic approach to employment and economic participation of international students, aligning with the government’s innovation and inclusion agenda.

The ability for students to build and strengthen local and global social connections, and then interact and work with them effectively and strategically is essential to lifelong employability and resilience.
Development of social and interpersonal skills and cross-cultural capacity is becoming increasingly important in building human-centred, trans-disciplinary skills including collaboration, creativity, leadership and resilience with research indicating these skills will be in high demand in the future (Deloitte Insights, 2019; World Economic Forum 21st century skills-based framework).
Talent attraction and retention remain critical for addressing skills shortages and driving innovation in the Victorian economy, yet Victorian industries remain largely unaware of the untapped potential of the local international student community.

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Our Team

Chris Lee

Student Initiatives Program Lead

Chris is the Program Lead on employability, entrepreneurship and empowerment initiatives in Study Melbourne including Leadership Labs, Future Founders Festival and Student Ambassadors Program.

Kim Cleary

Student Initiatives Manager

Kim is the Manager of the Student Initiatives Team in Study Melbourne, and leads on policy and strategy, whole of government and sector consultation as well as strategic initiatives.

Gerard Holland

CEO, Outcome.Life

Gerard is the Co-Founder and CEO of Outcome.Life. Gerard is a passionate, hard-working and dedicated entrepreneur with a bold vision to improve the employability of international students in Australia.