The Problems We're Addressing

Tuesday, 19 October at 11:00am

Join Outcome.Life, Study Melbourne and industry leaders for an important discussion on changing the narrative around employment outcomes for international students and graduates in Victoria. Together, we can do better.

International students and graduates in Victoria are facing high unemployment rates after their investment in their higher education as well as continued barriers to skilled work as the economy recovers and opens up. At the same time, short-sighted policy settings are promoting opportunities to place students in low-skilled and low-paid casusal and seasonal work to solve Australia’s critical labour market shortages.

It’s time to break the barriers to employment for international students and create better pathways and opportunities for our highly-skilled talent pool. In this Career Catalyst industry forum, we will address the challenges and discuss the opportunities for change that exist for government, industry, and international students.

Join us. Become part of the solution.

About Career Catalyst

Study Melbourne Career Catalyst is a new integrated, strengths-based employability program to support international students’ employment transition, career development and connections to industry.

The program will also strengthen the cultural capacity, social inclusion and empowerment of international students by raising awareness of international students as a highly-skilled and globally connected talent pool. It will take a holistic approach to employment and the economic participation of international students, aligning with the government’s innovation and inclusion agenda.

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Learn From Industry Experts

Dom Saporito

Dom Saporito

Co-Founder and Director, Outcome.Life
Samantha Hurley

Samantha Hurley

CEO and Co-Founder, 25eight
Tom Jamieson

Tom Jamieson

COO, Onesto (formerly ZayZoon)

Jamal Elsheikh A.

Co-Founder, One Love Australia

Varsha Devi Balakrishnan

Education Analyst, The Lygon Group
Chris Lee

Chris Lee

Empowered Program Lead, Global Victoria
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