Resume & LinkedIn Coaching

Do you want help with your resume and LinkedIn profile? Work one-on-one with our professional CV and linkedin experts to provide you with a personalised experience

Create your personal brand

How many times have you sent out your resume? How many replies did you get back? It's not you: it's your personal brand.

In our program, we will teach you how to spice up your resume and use LinkedIn to its full extent. Our consultants will teach you about:

  • Eye-catching formatting
  • Language use and sentence structure
  • Showcasing your personality
  • ...and more!

Our consultants are ready for you to select a time, convenient to you, to coach you through readying your personal brand for your next important application.

How it works

  • Register your details with Career Catalyst
  • Receive a link to book your appointment and upload your current resume
  • Work with our professional resume coaches in a one-on-one zoom session to receive advice to improve your resume and LinedIn profile

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