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Tuesday, November 9 at 11:00am

Shaping Your Future As An International Student

What Will You Learn?

If you’re an international student or graduate right now, you might be feeling lost and unsure how to take your next steps into employment. Especially with COVID-19 changing where the needs are in different industries, it’s a confusing time. But you don’t need to navigate your way through this chaos alone. There’s a whole community of supporters here to help you.

In this Study Melbourne Career Catalyst webinar, Outcome.Life is joined by Careers Counsellor Bruno Doring. We’ll be equipping you with a job compass to help you navigate the next steps of your career, with a toolkit of resources that can make your journey easier.


About Career Catalyst

Study Melbourne Career Catalyst is a new integrated, strengths-based employability program to support international students’ employment transition, career development and connections to industry.

The program will also strengthen the cultural capacity, social inclusion and empowerment of international students by raising awareness of international students as a highly-skilled and globally connected talent pool. It will take a holistic approach to employment and the economic participation of international students, aligning with the government’s innovation and inclusion agenda.

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Learn From Industry Experts

Bruno Doring

Bruno Doring

Career Counsellor, Melbourne Polytechnic Skills and Jobs Centre
Dom Saporito

Dom Saporito

Co-Founder, Outcome.Life
Ly Tran

Ly Tran

Philosophy Professor, Deakin University